Cost Estimation Service

Going over budget is the single biggest problem affecting people building their own homes. How do you ensure that your designs can realistically be built for your budget? Do you really know what the ‘right’ price is for your project so you don’t get ripped off by builders? Don’t believe what your designer tells you – get your plans professionally priced.
Homebuilding & Renovating has a solution to your problem. We have partnered with the industry experts in cost estimation, Estimators Online Ltd, to give you a full cost breakdown based on your individual plans. Using years of data from building sites across the country, they know up-to-date labour rates, materials prices and how long each element takes to complete. It means no more guessing at what builders’ prices are going to be – and no more going over budget.

To get started you can attend one of the free Estimating and Project Management Sessions being held on the Estimators Online Ltd stand 180  or subscribe to Homebuilding & Renovating Premium by visiting stand 572 and as part of the Premium package you get one use of the Estimator Service worth £180 plus much more to help with your home project. So, when you start getting those prices back from builders, you’ll know what the right price is. No more going over budget – ever.


Estimating and Project Management Sessions

Get all the tips and help you need to ensure your project doesn’t go over budget in a 30 minute session with the Estimators Online.

Each session in roughly 30 minutes and includes:

  • Introduction to estimating
  • How to read an estimate
  • How to amend an estimate online
  • Understanding the free gantt chart · Using the Program of Works
  • Organising your build on the free online Project Management System

Times: 10.30am 11.30am 12.30pm 1.30pm 2.30pm 3.30pm

Limited availability – arrive early to avoid disappointment

T&Cs: *Estimators Online provides a one-time free cost estimation for new build dwellings only.