ACJ Group

YOUR COMPLETE DESIGN & BUILD SOLUTION Whether you’re building your own home or constructing a housing estate, ACJ Group has the solution you need, all under one roof. Do you need an Architect? ACJ Group has an in-house architectural services team, fully qualified to design every aspect of your new build property, extension or renovation. Our team has the skills and experience to plan, design, manage and deliver your project on time and within budget. For self-builds and commercial clients, we can supply design & build solutions, bespoke designs and every custom option in between. From advising with planning to painting the skirting, we’re with you every step of the way. We’ll even supply you the land to build on. For the home building trade, we supply timber kit homes and panels direct. Our in-house specialists can design bespoke connections and details to ensure our products integrate seamlessly into your build. All our timber frame kits and timber frame wall systems are designed and manufactured right here in our Elgin premises, providing a cost-effective and flexible service. We specialise in timber frame design and closed panel construction and are industry leaders in energy-efficient building, including passive house construction using our own, unique Therm-u-wall system. Garden rooms and glamping pods creating additional living space for you to work, entertain, relax or expanding your business. ACJ Group can design exactly what your looking for fully customised to your own, or your client’s, requirements. ACJ design team will work with you to develop a design that meets your brief and is within your budget. The simplicity of design, clean lines, and clear spaces define our cabins & lodges. The modest, contemporary style of these units sits well in any location. Whatever you’re creating, ACJ Group can help you realise your vision.

Sylvan Stuart Ltd

Model D Homes are produced by the long-established timber engineering and construction business Sylvan Stuart Limited.  The concept is to optimise performance and cost to provide excellent levels of insulation and very good air-tightness.  We don't compromise on quality; external cladding is normally all timber using durable species with no requirement for any maintenance coatings, and stainless steel fixings. There is a wide choice of roof coverings, such as tiles or slates; profiled steel sheeting or metal standing seam, shingles, or even timber gap boarding.   Gutters are good capacity, in metal.  Decking and rain-screening are optional, with variable roof overhangs (or none) to suit. While our standardised construction methodology is normally used for all the houses we supply, these are frequently with bespoke layouts, either completely one-off or from a modified standard design.  Except for the D2, which has a traditional two-up, two-down cottage layout, all the standard designs have a double height gable-end living space combined with an open plan kitchen/dining area, plus utility room with external door, bath or shower-room, double height main entrance hall, with further bedroom accommodation upstairs plus another bath or shower-room and work-space.   All have timber framed, aluminium clad, triple glazing. Renewable energy generation, storage and use combined with heating and ventilation requirements should be considered at an early stage. Much development has gone into our construction system, and we are a research driven, innovative home provider with decades of experience of building homes to withstand the rigours of the Scottish climate.  Our houses are aimed at minimising environmental impact in all respects with careful selection of materials and respect for traditional architectural forms and proportions, generally making them readily acceptable by planners.  We seek to make our high-performance homes as accessible as possible for folk to buy and live in, and to do this by streamlining and simplifying the whole construction process to make it as efficient and stress free as possible. The business originally started in 1947, when A G Stuart, the present Managing Director’s father, set up in business at Old Rayne, Aberdeenshire following his being demobbed early from the wartime army to build prefabricated houses.  Seventy-five years later we are still in the same business, although construction standards have improved somewhat.  The Company has always specialised in timber construction, and also continues to produce interlocking Douglas fir log buildings. We have also supplied and erected some of the largest timber buildings in the UK , and continue to provide this service utilising our experience of designing, fabricating and erecting large frame structures.


Thermohaus® is a unique modular design concept for contemporary, value engineered and highly energy efficient timber frame kit homes, designed specifically for the self-builder.  Thermohaus® is founded on the principals of 'Keep It Simple, Make It Better' and 'Fabric First'. Therefore, there are no built-in redundancies or legacy defects and owners enjoy very low maintenance and energy running costs. In combination, the features and benefits of the Thermohaus® design concept and enhanced specification mean our kit homes, in standard form, are superior to anything our UK rivals offer. And, compared to Continental European and North American imports, offer significantly better value for money.     Features and benefits include: • Compact designs which aim to minimise circulation space in favour of good sized rooms, putting the space where you actually need it. • Higher levels of insulation in floors, walls and roofs creating a very energy efficient building envelope, minimising heating costs and improving occupier comfort.    • Integrated mechanical ventilation and heat recovery system design ensuring maximum efficiency combined with minimum outlay and ease of installation, reducing overall build costs. • Single skin wall construction, greatly reducing foundation costs. Although conventional cavity wall construction can be employed, if preferred.    • Open metal web floor joists providing clear spans (for open plan living) and easy installation and routing of wires, pipes and ducts - no drilling through joists required and no risk of weakening the structure as a consequence. • Totally flexible internal layout of accommodation modules means you can have what you want, where you want it.    • For two storey modules, an easy going (14 rise) dog-leg staircase, with no tapered steps, makes moving from one floor to another as safe as possible. And, makes moving furniture and installing a chair lift (if required) much simpler. • Oak doors throughout, adding style and appeal to the interior environment. • Dual finish (inside and out), low maintenance and recyclable energy efficient uPVC windows and doors, with a wide choice of colours, adding further style and appeal. All openable windows provide an emergency escape route and are cleanable from the inside to provide greater safety. Timber and aluminium clad timber windows and doors available.    • Composite front entrance door with decorative glass and matching sidelights for added appeal and a stylish welcome for visitors. Wide choice of door styles and glass patterns available to add to the uniqueness of your home. Designing your Thermohaus® home could not be simpler. You could say it’s as easy as ABC!     The Thermohaus® design concept just 5 primary building blocks. A full height (2.4m) accommodation block, a two-third height ‘room in roof’ (1.6m) accommodation block, a mono-pitch roof block, a duo-pitched roof block with either flat or vaulted ceiling and a full height storey link or porch block. For a very contemporary look, there is also a simple flat roof option. Accommodation blocks have nominal internal dimensions of 4.8m in width and 10.2m in length, providing a gross internal floor area of approximately 49m2.        Link/porch blocks have nominal internal dimensions of 2.1m in width and 4.8m in length adding a further 10m2 of gross internal floor area. Whereas link blocks will always have a flat roof, porch blocks may have either a flat or mono-pitch, lean-to roof of variable pitch to suit the house design. Similarly, if joining accommodation blocks without a link, we will provide a valley infill so that the roof runs through from one block to the other.     Mono-pitch roof blocks have a pitch of 15 degrees and the duo-pitch roof blocks have a pitch of 45 degrees. The accommodation blocks do not require internal load-bearing walls meaning the internal layout can be whatever suits you best. We recommend separate blocks for living and sleeping but you can have whatever you want.     Unlike some suppliers we don’t offer multiple kit packages with differing specifications. This is simply too confusing. We offer just one package which is the best we can, for a price which, whilst not necessarily the cheapest, we believe offers best value for money. Thermohaus was conceived by chartered surveyor and building consultant Peter Body. Peter has over 50 years’ experience in the housing sector, initially as a quantity surveyor in private practice, then a building designer / house builder and more recently a timber frame kit manufacturer.     In 1984 he founded Norscot Joinery, now a leading timber frame kit manufacturer in Scotland, which he managed until he retired in 2018. Peter deals with all Thermohaus® kit enquires personally, to ensure clients set off on the right footing. Jonathan Miller, an architectural designer with 20 years’ experience in the industry, then prepares the necessary drawings, specification, certification, etc. and guides clients through the statutory planning and building regulation process.     Finally, Norscot Joinery will manufacture your Thermohaus® kit and deliver it to site. Norscot have been designing, manufacturing and supplying bespoke timber frame house kits for self-builders market for over 30 years. Their customers are spread throughout the UK and as far afield as France and Spain. A kit erection service is available, for those who require it.

Val -U-Therm

Val-U-Therm is the closed-panel timber building system that uses the best aspects of SIPS (structural insulated panel) and timber frame technology combined with advanced materials science. Jointly developed by two of the UK’s largest timber frame manufacturers, it delivers exceptional thermal performance and class-leading environmental credentials in a cost-effective package. Val-U-Therm is offered in the one-off self-build market by Scotframe and Flight Timber. It provides a highly cost-effective way to deliver a load-bearing structural envelope with thermal insulation U-values to 0.09 Wm2K; Y-values of 0.03 Wm2K and remarkable air tightness as low as 0.46 h-1. A typical beautiful Val-U-Therm family home can cost less than £95 per year to heat. The building system is fully third-party accredited under BBA certificate number 12/4892 and will last for the life of the building, durable for a minimum 60-year service life. Val-U-Therm panels can also be used as high-performance in-fill panels in other building systems. By sharing R&D costs between many factories, Val-U-Therm offers highly cost-effective load-bearing structural envelope solutions. Val-U-Therm is manufactured in three main configurations: wall, floor and roof panels. These are constructed and assembled as a precisely engineered sandwich of sheathing boards, performance membranes and factory-injected very high performance insulation. This factory injected and quality controlled insulation is derived from recycled, renewable UK-grown vegetable oil. Wall Panels Val-U-Therm external wall panels provide a structurally robust, easy-erect, high-value load-bearing solution. A wide range of panel sizes are available and windows, external doors and other elements can be factory fitted. The walls can be adapted to any architectural style (even curved walls) and used with any external treatment or internal finish. Floor Panels Val-U-Therm floor panels are a 21st century version of the traditional, timber suspended ground floor. They allow long floor spans and provide a highly-insulated solution that is cost-competitive when compared with low U-value masonry systems. Roof Panels Val-U-Therm roof panels provide a high-performance solution for both flat and pitched roofs in the conventional vaulted ridge-to-eaves configuration. With integrated I-joists they can achieve long unsupported spans. They are ideal for room-in-the-roof designs where the goal is to maximise floor space and create higher-than-standard ceiling heights. Over 10,000 homes have been built using Val-U-Therm since its launch in 2011. It has been used for a broad spectrum of size and performance including one-off homes and small to large volume private & affordable developments. Val-U-Therm won the Green Apple Award 2011 for Scotland; Best Energy Efficiency/Sustainability Solution Award at Timber Expo 2012; Top 20 Product Ecobuild 2013 & 2014; and was a Finalist in the Cost & Build-ability category for the UK PassivHaus Awards 2014 which emphasises the cost effectiveness of building to the highest fabric standards. Val-U-Therm has a network of three factories and 13 sales offices offering UK-wide service. Val-U-Therm will contribute towards providing solutions for ‘A’ rated Energy Performance Certificates, the Fabric Energy Efficiency Standard and PassivHaus. Delivering proven, future-proof solutions for low-energy, low and zero carbon buildings is at the core of our business activity.